Free Admission For Play Group to Class Two

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Where learning is passion

Focuses on every student

Course Coordinators and SPDP specialists at centre periodically review the growth parrtern of every student. The identity specific weaknesses of every studene and guide the concerned teachers of respective cmapuses how to improve up on. The combined efforts ensure improvment in every student. To achieve this goal Progenitor has developed software which keeps records of all the activites and assessments of every student. Some of the inputs it has are:

student's personality development program

Progenitor goes beyond the provision of Quality Education. Progenitor clearly understands the challenges of 21st Century. Pakistan badly needs highly effective future leadership for its progress and prosperity which cannot be achieved through quality education alone. it has to be a blend of both Quality Exucation and Personality Development. SPFP focuses on following:

Teacher's Training & development

Progenitor clearly understands the need and importance of trained and skilled teachers. So progenitor has developed a very stringent system of Teachers Traiing, Supervision and Monitorin System. All the teachers at progenitor go throguh compreshensive 5 day training course, the BTC (Basic Training Course). BTC enables teachers undertand the philosophy of Progenitor and ts unique way of teaching .

Examination System

Progenitor has brought another revolution by separating the teaching staff and examining body. The existing assesment system is flawed and not supportive to all the stakeholders viz. Studnents, Parents and Teachers. Faculty menbers at all Progenitor campuses are respossible for teaching only. The resposibility of all tests and examination lies on the examination board at the centre. Progenitor, by separating the examining body, achieves the following:

Why parents admit their childers in Progenitor School

Dear Parents you are in search of a suitable school where you could send your kinds to pursue quality education. Indeed it is a tough hunt because there is scarcity fo such schools which can satsfy all or at least most of your needs are wants.

Progenitor provides yhou the right solution because of:

  •   World class Curriculum to enable students become at par with international standards both in knowledge and skills.

  •   Activity Base Learning which ensures high learning curve; students willingly come to school.

  •   Step by step advancement in courses as kids go up ensures high interst in all subjct as it is burdre free.

  •   Trained, Committed and Motivated Teachers guarantee very conducive environment "Where Learning is Passion".

  •   Teachers at campus have oly assignment of teaching, rest of all the responsibilities viz. planning, preparation of teaching aid material, development ao acadmic cycles, preparation of test and examination papers, checking of anwer books and compilation of results etc are done at the center; this enable teacher to devote all times for teaching only.

  •   Separate examining body resposible of all test and examinations and results assures 100% completion of syllabus in time.

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